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A large multinational IT company engaged GrowthLyne for an end to end employee survey, during the challenging times of COVID 19. Find out how Growthlyne provided a robust and flawless execution of Surveys to capture useful insights in organization support & work life balance in a COVID remote work environment

A prominent retail chain in India wanted to hear feedback from women employees on work-life balance, organization policies, POSH laws, training and transportation facilities. Learn more about how GrowthLyne helped client to discover actionable insights into workplace policies.

A new Health and wellness startup aimed at knowing the daily usage of health and wellness apps for its prospective user base. GrowthLyne designed and launched a comprehensive survey of user habits, app features. The data analysis including clustering and max-diff algorithms.

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Online focus groups, as opposed to traditional focus groups, are online face-to-face focus groups that entail a meeting between pre-enlisted people in an online place of choice, mediated by a person in order to gain valuable insight from the discussion.

Customized online panels are groups of willing, verified respondents of research surveys. In most cases, members of such online panels volunteer to take part in surveys by themselves, and essentials like survey invitations, contact details of respondents are managed by GrowthLyne.

The enormity of the field along with the diversity of methodologies available in the subject based on the slightest nuances of the research objective often leaves the researcher overwhelmed. We here have hence put together for you a ready reckoner of the don’ts of research.

The process of culminating online survey work consists of a series of calculated steps which includes coming up with sample of population , managing quotas, follow-ups with respondents, appropriate UAT testing ,data analysis etc. We present the industry best practices to conduct an online survey.

It is imperative for companies to keep track of consumer responses on platforms such as blogs, online forums, and social networking sites to best gauge consumer opinions and gain incredible insight on what the target market wants or needs.

Working with these communities allows customers to directly provide constructive feedback to companies, helps organizations improve on their services or products according to customers’ comments, ensures savings both on time and costs, and essentially allows efficient, qualitative research.

Your Data Analytics strategy can be a game changer for your business. It is important to choose and engage a right data analytics partner who fits the need for your organization. Choosing a right analytics partner can depend on your specific Business requirements, scale of operations, data security requirements, maintenance costs, reliability of analytics partner etc.

GrowthLyne is a top data analytics company in India. It continuously monitors the data analytics space for developing cutting edge solutions for the clients. Year 2021 is witnessing new advancements in data analytics and paving way for the top data analytics companies like GrowthLyne to up their game and embrace these emerging trends.

Market research lies at the core of today’s business strategy. Whether your organisation is a start-up or large corporation, a well-executed market plan can help you achieve varied objectives. If your firm decides to conduct market research, it needs to have a well-defined business objective, which can be a need to gain more customers, study patterns in existing customers or employees, check customer awareness, launching a new product and many more.

Statistics is an integral part of design and analysis of the survey data. Usage of statistics is required for determination of correct sample size, collect data in a scientific manner and post survey analysis based on collected data and drawing inferences from the samples through application of statistical measures like measures of central tendency, hypothesis testing, creating predictive models etc.

Data is an economic asset. Developing a data-focused strategy enables companies to rightly model the data and use it effectively to improve operations, increase sales, and produce revenue streams. However, managing data and using it appropriately is a complex task.

Analytics helps you to delve deeper than the surface level/superficial information to uncover the valuable insights within your data. It tells you what will work and not work.

Data is the buzzword in almost every top market research company and for good reasons. Here are some of the advanced data processing techniques a top market research company will use to transform data into business opportunities.

For seeking more details about how GrowthLyne has been valuable to various clients, drop us an email at Our research team will get back to you soon.