Along with utilizing web surveys and volunteer panels, companies can tap into what the consumers and the general public are discussing online, whether or not the topics concern the company directly. With the dawn of the Internet, it is imperative for companies to keep track of consumer responses on platforms such as blogs, online forums, and social networking sites to best gauge consumer opinions and gain incredible insight on what the target market wants or needs.

We, at SurveyTabs, provide our clients with this facility of keeping a tab on online conversations such as comments, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. that can help them:

Monitoring Online Buzz

Conventional market research mainly consists of surveying a set of people that ultimately, may or may not represent the target market. This gives rise to two issues that need to be addressed. Firstly, a survey will invariably represent the preconceived notions of an organization and follow a specific agenda. And secondly, respondents of said surveys may be sensitized to marketing processes, or may not include a broader section of people. As opposed to the traditional method, monitoring online buzz essentially provides our clients with a reality check – by telling them how customers really feel.

Essential Tools

The core method to gain insight from conversations on the web, involves:

The process of culminating online survey work consists of a series of calculated steps which include:

Is it futuristic?

If nothing else, the methods of blog and buzz mining will only improve in the upcoming days. With the rising demand for information off the web, and increasing no. of researchers realizing the value of buzz monitoring, this trend is here to stay!

We can help you do all of this and more!

The process of extracting information from the web and converting it into relevant, useful insight requires large amounts of effort and expertise. And that is exactly what SurveyTabs aims to offer to its clients. Research, that is ethical