GrowthLyne is a top data analytics company in India. It continuously monitors the data analytics space for for developing cutting edge solutions for the clients.

Data Analytics has shown tremendous adaptability and growth across industries. As the industry is growing, it created a requirement for new techniques and tools, which can help solve challenges in creating a specific business solution.

Year 2021 is witnessing new advancements in data analytics and paving way for the top data analytics companies like GrowthLyne to up their game and embrace these emerging trends. List below provides the top trends in analytics space for 2021.

Natural Language Processing

Normal Language Processing (NLP) is a part of AI committed to assisting people conversing with machines. NLP aids systems to comprehend, decipher and control human language by noting catchphrases and verbal expressions and comprehending their intent, interpreting to another language, or creating a reaction. 

In 2021, Natural Language Processing will give moment data recovery from huge information stores. It will help the top data analytics company with increment admittance to quality data and develop the framework to give the business-related knowledge expected to push ahead. NLP additionally gives companies admittance to opinion mining to know at an advanced level how their customers perceive about their brand.

Continuous intelligence

Continuous intelligence uses tools and processes in which real-time analytics are integrated within a business operation, processing automated calculations using current and historical data to prescribe specific actions in response to scenarios. The top data analytics companies can leverage continuous intelligence with multiple technologies such as augmented analytics, event stream processing, business rule management, and machine learning to provide decision support. Continuous intelligence can enable organizations to customize their customer interactions, streamline operations, and proactively correct issues.


Hyper automation joins software and tools with AI and Machine Learning to automate processes to expand human capabilities. 

By revealing and computerizing previously unavailable information and unstructured data, the top data analytics companies can use Hyper automation to carry upgraded perceivability for the interaction and connectivity to various business applications, analyze data and make decisions, and discover processes and new automation opportunities to mechanize the total client venture.

AI and IoT

2021 will see the mix of AI and IoT offer far superior admittance to buyer information, including purchasing behaviour, how buyers interface with gadgets, better experiences into the purchasing venture, real-time interactions, POS notifications, and targeted and complete contextual ads. This knowledge will the top data analytics companies research, discover, and interpret patterns within data resulting in prompt customer assistance.

Self Service Analytics

Self-service analytics enable non-technical users such as Executives and marketing personnel to access data, run queries, and produce reports to take effective business decisions. When a non-technical user has to run an analysis or generate a report, they are required submit a request to a data professional, who checks the request, extracts relevant datasets, creates and runs a query, validates the results, and generates a visual report. The process takes a couple of days to a week.

Self-service analysis tools automate this process and allow users to explore data and share visualizations while ensuring security protocols to safeguard sensitive data. Self-service analytics facilitates a data-driven culture and increases data literacy across all business functions by providing users, without analytics expertise, the ability to extract insights from their data instantly, and informed guidance in the form of recommendations. Self-service systems integrate and aggregate data across all departments such as Finance, Sales, ERP, and HR.

Mobile BI

Mobile BI is a system encompassing both technical and organizational basics that showcase historical/real-time information and provides business and data analytics services on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, to empower effective decision-making and management control.

Mobile BI optimizes traditional BI reports with similar, features and processes to be viewable on a small screen displaying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alerts on a mobile screen through graphs, sparklines, and charts.

GrowthLyne has partnered with clients by providing innovative solutions in analytics space. We blend our expertise in optimization algorithms, economic theory, statistical inferencing and industry specific knowhow to design implementable solutions. This has enabled our clients to manage risks, improve processes, and developing key growth decision strategies.